As part of our commitment to Digital Inclusion, we are running an Asthma and Wellbeing workshop

The workshop will introduce children to the online resources available to support them and help them to get the most out of these resources and use their inhalers more effectively with the aim of reducing the number of serious attacks.

By tracking symptoms and understanding their own triggers for asthma attacks, the tools will also have the potential to improve children’s mental health through having control of their condition and the ability to manage their health.

When: Tuesday 22nd February (half term) for our 7- 10 year olds patients.

Where: This is to be held at All Saints Community Association, Stanley St, South Shields NE34 0BX with our nurses Sharon & Kirsty.

This fun engaging group session will run from 1pm until 3pm and will be delivered by Mindstars CIC, who specialise in providing wellbeing sessions to children in Tyneside. The group session can be a good way for your child to engage with other children who suffer from asthma in a relaxed environment, whilst learning more about managing their condition and having fun!

These digital tools will help young people to:

Use inhalers efficiently and effectively

Monitor and track their symptoms

Identify patterns that lead to asthma attacks or poor health

Help them to understand when an attack is likely to happen

Reduce the risk of trips to hospital

Each child will receive a £10 Smyths Voucher at the session.

You will also be able to access the coffee afternoon facilities at the community centre whilst the workshop is in progress.

This is one of the many projects we will be delivering over the coming months as part of our Digital Inclusion drive – to find our more visit our Digital Inclusion page