EPS LogoElectronic Prescription Service

If you get regular prescriptions the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) may be able to save you time by saving you unnecessary trips to your GP.  Find out more


Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by handing order forms in at reception, by telephone or by our 24 hour online ordering service.

Repeat prescriptions will be processed in 2 working days; please ensure you order your medication in adequate time.

If you would like a local chemist to collect your prescription on your behalf, please contact the chemist who will arrange this for you.

If you would like to order a prescription using our online facility please click here.

This GP practice does not endorse any company cold calling patients requesting their medication details.  Please be very careful about giving your personal and medical details to anyone calling you unless you are happy to do so and have properly identified who you are talking to.  If you have any concerns please contact us or your local pharmacist to discuss.